Dynamic Object Pool

A general purpose Object Pool that automatically and asynchronously, grows and shrinks, to provide optimal resource usage, and scalability for multi-threaded applications. Supported environments:

  • Java (All platforms)
  • C# (.NET Framework 2.0+)
Application Scalability


  • Light weight implementation does not impose a resource penalty for the application.
  • Extensible architecture allows any resource type to be pooled.
  • Automatically detects increasing load and creates expensive resources in the background, for increased application performance/scalability.
  • Automatically detects decreasing load and releases expensive resources in the background, for optimal application resource consumption.
  • Detailed configuration settings allow complete control over all aspects of the object pool behavior, including when and how the pool grows or shrinks.
  • Sample code to get your application up and running quickly.
  • Detailed statistics.
JMX Details

Sample JMX Details provided by the Java version of Dynamic Object Pool

Sample JMX Details